Monday, February 29, 2016

Tiago! Baptism

Esta semana was the best! for a long time it felt like sister nascimento and i were working hard and not much was happening but this week we had a baptism! it was a miracle! tiago was an old investigator that backed out on the day of his baptism but we started teaching him again and he was so receptive, and he told us that he was finally willing to let go the thinges of the world to be baptized! his baptism was one of the happiest days! it was amazing to see a son of God be baptized and start a new life!
missionary work is very hard but theres no other feeling in the world like helping people recieve the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. im so grateful with my Heavenly Father for allowing me to be here serving in Itatiaia and teaching His Childeren. 
Another great thing that happened this week is that we are teaching um rapaz (young man) that we had to stop teaching becasue he said that he wasn´t interested in finding out if the Book of Mormon was true, it was very sad because he knew that if he prayed he would recieve and answer and that is why he wouldn´t pray. so we had to tell him that we couldn´t go to his house with as much frequency. but then a miracle! He has started going to church and he was friends with Tiago so he went to his baptism and he said he felt the spirit! he is still a little hesitant on having a baptismal date but we are working with him. its amazing how his heart has changed and how the Lord is preparing him! 
im so grateful to be serving the Lord and im so greatful for each of you in my life, i love all of you and you have all been an example to me in my life. remember to always keep the comandments of the Lord and then everything in your life will fall into place. 
eu amo vocês muito!! 

Sister Hair

the one in the army shirt and beanie is Felipe!

Monday, February 22, 2016


hola! esta semana foi uma semana de milagres! we have a pesquisador that had a baptism date and a an interview and everything andthen he backed out on the day of his baptism, we have been reteaching him and we found out that he was scared to be baptized and then sin again. we taught him about the atonement and about having faith in Christ and how he will also have the gift of the Holy Ghost after he is baptized. he is now getting baptized on saturday and he said he was really comitted this time and that he knew the Lord was going to help him. it was incredible cause he also went to the bar where he drinks at and paid everything he owed and said that he wouldnt be coming back because he was changing his life. it was incredible, definitely a miracle. also on sunday a member brought his cousin to church for the first time and his cousin wants to be baptized! just going to church he said he knew it was what the Lord wanted! so he has a data for march 5th and we are going to teach him and help him to get ready! its so amazing to see the Lord at work, i love this gospel and im so grateful that i get to be a part of building up Gods kingdom 
im so grateful for all you in my life, each of you has helped me in so many ways i love all of you and i know that true happiness can only come through the gospel of Jesus Christ. remember to always put Him first in your life and then everything else will fall into place.
com muito amor 
Sister Hair

Sister Leader Trainadoras

A member that feeds us a lot!

We found a bus so we had to take funny pictures

Fofinha! (cutie)

When I got my Christmas package!

Meu Distrito

Shoe tan line 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lightning Bugs

Hola! this week was very good!! we were able to talk to so many people! its been rough the last few weeks cause it was carnaval and literally the people go crazy here... its basically a holiday were everyone is drunk for 2 weeks straight haha  but its over now!! wooho! 
we have two investigators right now that are really great and so receptive but they are going through hard things in their life so they think that the solution is to get drunk, we try to expain to them that they just need to use the atonement of Jesus Christ and then everything will be ok and they will feel comfort in their hearts but they are lacking faith, they believe in Christ and have a testimony they just have a hard time beleiving that Christ can heal them, its very sad, but if you guys could help me pray for them i would appreciate it so much! and i know that miracles will happen, their names are Helen and Jacqueline. 
this week we had a family home evening at irma Janaina´s house and it was very fun and we felt the spirit very strong and also we saw a buch of lightning bugs in front of her house!! it was so cool, i have never seen any before and it was like a scene in a movie haha we were able to catch them and then let them go and the whole yard had specs of light everywhere, im so greatful for nature and the tender mercies of the Lord, its incredible to see how much he loves us, there are miracles in our life everyday, we just have to open our eyes and see them.
im about out of time again but i want you all to know that i love you all and im so greatful for each of you in my life 
com muito amor 
Sister Hair

Monday, February 8, 2016

First Companion and Trainer

Carnival Week

I dont have any time today because i had to take a mission survey.
i dont remember if i told you guys already but i found an avô (grandpa) here! he was part of the quorom of the seventy Elder Helio Da Rocha Camargo he is very cool and so nice. 
also this week is super crazy cause its carnaval and we basically just have to stay home all day cause its crazy but we have four new investigators who im sure will be baptized and im so excited for them!
muito amor 
sister hair

Mission Rules ( to Melanie) sorry that i cant write you personally very much! its just that we have soo little time! its crazy! and i wanted to do what you did with the printing then typing later but thats not allowed.... there are so many rules in my mission its insane haha i used to think that the ctm was bad but my mission has like 30 more rules than the ctm, like we cant ever play any sports and for district meetings and stuff when were with elders were not allowed to sit next to them and we cant ever go anywhere with them ha like last week we were all hungry and it was lunch time but the sisters had to go to a different resteraunt than the elders cause its a rule you cant go anywhere together. it kind of sucks a little but i just have to remember that all these rules are for a reason and that i just have to obey and not murmer haha anyways i love you and i hope everything is going great i hope your loving the married life and also tell dan i say hi...
com muito amor
Sister Hair

ps. we cant listen to motab either....  ok im done for real now hah

Monday, February 1, 2016


ok i can only send one at a time... sorry


hola! esta semana foi muito bom! it was rough at first because it felt like we were working hard but not getting many results but then miracles! we visited a moça named caren and we taught her the restoration outside just on the sidewalk and we asked her to be baptized and she said that she would!  it was amazing too because she said that she had had a dream where she was getting baptized and she said that she was just looking for the truth!  it was an awesome experience. also this week we visited a family who lived in a very humble home and we also taught them the restoration, it was amazing because when we started talking about Joseph Smith and how he saw God the father and His Son and the spirit was just soo incredibly strong, and the best part was that i knew they were feeling it too. the couple is not married and they both occasionally drink, but we asked them if they would be baptized and they also said yes! it was the greatest feeling in the world. i cant even describe the happiness that comes from seeing children of God follow in the footsteps of our Savior Jesus Christ. im so grateful for this gospel and for the opportunity i have to be a representative of Jesus Christ and help people find the restored gospel.
i love all of you and i hope that you are doing great! also in case you didnt know there is a Brasil Juiz de Fora facebook page where Sister Cascardi posts pictues and shares experiences and stuff if you guys want to take a look! 
com muito amor
Sister Hair

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