Monday, February 8, 2016

Mission Rules ( to Melanie) sorry that i cant write you personally very much! its just that we have soo little time! its crazy! and i wanted to do what you did with the printing then typing later but thats not allowed.... there are so many rules in my mission its insane haha i used to think that the ctm was bad but my mission has like 30 more rules than the ctm, like we cant ever play any sports and for district meetings and stuff when were with elders were not allowed to sit next to them and we cant ever go anywhere with them ha like last week we were all hungry and it was lunch time but the sisters had to go to a different resteraunt than the elders cause its a rule you cant go anywhere together. it kind of sucks a little but i just have to remember that all these rules are for a reason and that i just have to obey and not murmer haha anyways i love you and i hope everything is going great i hope your loving the married life and also tell dan i say hi...
com muito amor
Sister Hair

ps. we cant listen to motab either....  ok im done for real now hah

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