Monday, April 11, 2016

I'm just a tool in His hands

oi! so this week has been full of miracles! we found a boy named Edgar and we contacted him and got his address so that we could go teach him but when we got there he wasnt home and his grandma talked with us for a loong time but she didnt want to hear an actual lesson and we started getting a little frustrated because we really had to go toanother lesson. after a while she finally let us go and when we walked outside of her house her son was coming home (Edgar´s dad) and when he saw us he was happy and ran inside his house and came out with a BOM and a restoration pamphlet from 1996! it was crazy, he said he had been taught by two young men and that he really admired them and was so happy to hear of the church again, he said that the reason he wasnt baptized was because he doesnt believe in just one religion but he believes that all of the churches lead to heaven. we are going back to teach him tomorrow and we are going to teach the restoration and teach apostasy really well haha i know that it wasnt just chance that Edgars grandma talked forever it was truly a miracle that we were able to find Carlos and i have no doubt that he is an eleito of the Lord. 
another miracle this week was Moacyr, he heard about the church when he was 14 and he says that he loved it and constantly went to church but he doesnt remember why he didnt get baptized. we gave him a BOM and he got very happy and told us that we could come back and teach him more.
Outro is that we have had an investigator for a while his name is Felipe he was a contact we made on the street and we taought him a little bit but then he told us that he didnt want to know if the BOM was true because he didnt need religion in his life. we got really sad and told him that our time was valuable so we werent going to be able to visit him as frequently. a few weeks passed and he showed up at church which was a miracle and then sister nascimento and i felt that we should start teaching him again so we did and it was amazing he said that he loved reading the book of mormon and that he had prayed and he knew that the book was true it was so amazing to see him progress. then two days before his baptism he said that he couldnt get baptized because he couldnt live with all the rules of the church, he had some troubles with drugs and he wasnt willing to give them up. it was probably one of the saddest moments in all my life. although we didnt go back there anymore, because again he wasnt going to progess and also because we thought it would be good for him to know what its like without the gospel in his life, i kept feeling like i couldnt give up on him and that we needed to go back there. finally after a couple weeks we went back and we started teaching him once again. this week he told us that he knew now what was truly important and that he wanted to leave the world and be baptized! it was the greatest miracle. his baptism is set for this saturday and he is doing well so far with no drugs and im just so greatful to be a part of this incredible work. the Lord truly does work in mysterious ways and everything is in His time. i know that im just a tool in His hands and i am so greatful for that. Being a representative of Jesus Christ is the greatest blessing anyone could have.
i dont have time to write anymore but i love all of you guys and if you could pray for felipe and moacyr and carlos it woud be much appreciated! 

com todo meu amor 
Sister Hair
This is my new comp. Sister Suzy and a cute member 

 Felipe on his birthday

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