Monday, March 7, 2016

Attributes of Christ

This transfer I've been focusing on the attributes of Christ, I've been studying one each week and practicing them throughout the week and this week was patience, as i was studying i realized that all these attributes of Christ come when you love your proximo (neighbor). the greatest commandment is to love God above anything else and the second is to love your neighbor as thyself, i think i always knew that everything we do comes from these two commandments but i think that now i truly understand that when we love our Heavenly Father and our Savior we will want to keep the commandments and obey, and not just because its right but because you truly love them. Its amazing too because Christ loved all of us so much and all his attributes came from that love, so when we learn to love our neighbors as ourselves those attributes will start to come naturally  and we will start to more fully follow the example of our Savior.
I think that if i had to describe missionary work in one word i would use love, because that is the start of everything and its love that motivates us to serve our Father in Heaven. i cant explain to you how much i love the people here, i never knew i could love so many people that i just met, but when you serve them and truly love them you begin to see them as our Heavenly Father would and you begin to see their potential and its the greatest blessing in the world to be able to be participating in the Lord´s work.
i hope that all of you are doing well and striving to be better each day.
com muito amor 
Sister Hair

in this pic were wearing rain coats haha its been raining a lot lately and when it rains its like all of heaven is coming down haha 

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