Monday, March 14, 2016

Tough Week

this week was a pretty tough week and it seemed like everything was going wrong and no one wanted to listen to us. some of our recent converts were starting to have doubts and also some our investigators that have baptisimal dates werent wanting to go to church, things were just looking bleak. my companion and i decided that we needed to fast so we did and it was amazing.
after we fasted things got much better, the people didnt necessarily change but i think that we did, we had more spirit with us and we were able to teach more effectively. i think that we were kind of losing faith because everything seemed to be going wrong but i realized that the enemy works hard but we cant let it get to us, we have to work harder and remember that the Lord is on our side. He is constantly with us, we just need to have faith. through faith all things are possible, but we also need to remember that faith without works is dead. it doesnt suffice to say that we beleive, we also have to show through our actions that we beleive. 
i have such strong faith in my Savior, and although sometimes my faith wavers He is always there to help me strengthen it. im so greatful to be here sharing the joy of this Gospel with others, and im greatful that i can learn so much in each day, im truly being edified by my Savior. i know the hand of the Lord is in our lives everyday, we just have to recognize it, and we can do that by being obedient so that we may be able to be sensitive to the spirit.
eu amo vocês muito
Sister Hair

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