Monday, January 18, 2016


This week was crazy!! i left the ctm at 9 am on tuesday and our flight to juiz de fora was supposed to leave at 12:40 that afternoon but it started raining and apparently thats a huge deal in Sao paulo... so our flight got delayed 5 times and finally at 6 pm it got cancelled. we had to get our suitcases and call the ctm (its like 2 hours away from the airport) they said they didnt know what to do and so they called pres. cascardi and he didnt know what to do either. so we had a great adventure and slept at the airport until a flight came in at like 4 in the morning, the funny thing is that it was like a 40 minute flight... haha but all is well! it was very fun and we started prosleyting in the airport! im sure thats why it happened there was probably some who desperately need to hear the gospel that day! 
we got to juiz de fora at like 5 am on wednesday and our poor president had been waiting the whole time! he let us go sleep then we got up at around 11 am (so weird!) then we ate at his house and got some orientation and then we got our trainors! my companion is sister Nascimento, she is incredible!! i absolutley love her! she is such a hard worker and she is exactly obedient which is fantastic! our area right now is Itatiaia which is actually in rio de janiero. its a very small town and we have to walk everywhere because there isnt really public transportation.
 the first day here was crazy, we taught 5 lessons and i taught the restoration basically by myself which was really scary but it went really well! we made 20 contacts and walked more than i have ever walked in my life! when we got home at night i was so tired and dead but i was so happy! i love the people here so much already! they are all so poor and humble, and its incredible to see how the Lord prepared His children to recieve the gospel! i see miracles everyday! we contacted a few people on the street and invited them to come to church on sunday and three of them came! its amazing how the people here are so receptive!
we have a brand new investigator, her name is Leanes and she is awesome! we contacted her on the street and when we asked for her address she said that it was close by and that we could share a message with her right now! it was awesome we taught the restoration and she had a lot of questions but she was very enthusiastic! she is not married but living with her boyfriend which is something we have to resolve but after that she is ready for baptism!
i wish i could write every single thing that im exeperiencing because its amazing! but i dont have very much time so ill have to settle for telling you bits and pieces haha but i love all of you so much and i hope you are all doing well! remember to always follow the example of Jesus Christ and use His atonement in your life every day! 
com muito amor
Sister Hair

minha treinadora! 

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