Friday, January 8, 2016

Ao Campo!!

So im finally leaving the ctm (centro de tortura mental) inside joke haha but no it was great here at the ctm and i had a blast!! but im leaving here on terça! im so excited to go out to the campo and teach people! i feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be serving here in brasil and i know that the Lord has prepared people just for me to teach them about this incredible gospel!! i dont have much time to write today but i wanted to say that i love all of you and i hope you are all doing well!  
tell joe and ash that i love them very much and i miss them soo much, tell them i say to do their best everyday and to read the scriptures and pray everyday! as i have been out here i pray and read the scriptures all day!! and i also teach some lessons but 10 hours of my day is just praying and reading and i can testify to you guys that is icredible the difference these two things can make in your life! at times prayer and reading your scriptures can seem like small things but its through these two things that we are able to stay on the straight and narrow! these are two of the most important things you need to be doing in your life! if you are not reading and praying everyday then you are not progressing and if your not progressing than you are digressing and that is not what Heavenly Father wants! the first principle of the gospel is fatih, and faith without works is dead so if we are not faithfully reading and praying everyday we are not obeying the laws and principles of the gospel. i know you guys are amazing children of God and i know he is proud of you and loves you so show him that you love him too and are worthy of his blessings in your life! i love you all sooo  much

mami te extraño muito! quiero q sempre estes feliz!! te amo te amo te amo!! gracias pr ser la mejor madre del mundo!!

com muito amor
Sister Hair

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