Monday, January 25, 2016

"I like poop"

i dont have much time this week to write but ill try to get as much in as i can!
i love Itatiaia! its amazing. the people are very humble and very receptive to the spirit! we have new investigators that are amazing, they are just have problems with authority and with understanding that there is only one true church.
my companion is great! she is very obedient and teached me new things everyday! portugues is coming along pretty well! its still kind of hard to understand sometimes when people talk really fast but im getting better everyday and i know that the gift of tongues is real and that the Lord is with me and helps me everyday. I have also started an aula de ingles (english class) its awesome! the first day like 20 people came! and a lot of them were less actives! so that was a great miracle! 
My area is a really small town where there is like nothing haha but this week i go to go to my fist district meeting and it was so exciting it was like driving into new york! ha there were so many people and buildings, it was really fun! also i made a joke about skinny dipping and my whole district was like whats that?(im the only american in my district the rest are all brazilians) and so i told them what it meant and they all laughed so hard and now they joke about it all the time, its hilarious. they also like to make fun of me a lot. i accidentally said i like poop... its very similar to coconut, they literally just move the accent over, but now everytime they see me they just tell me to not eat poop cause its bad for me.. they think they are very funny haha
well im out of time but i will try to write more next week! i love all of you and always remember to follow the example of Jesus Christ!
com muito amor 
Sister Hair 
ps. could you all send me pics!

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