Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Grandma's a Missionary

I dont know if it was Christmas or what but this week went by soo fast it was crazy! 
im having loads of fun here at the ctm but i honestly just cant wait to get out of here! i want to go into the field and teach people already! 
talking to you guys on christmas was amazing! i miss hearing moms voice everyday and i miss her hugs! i miss joe and ashley too! but there is no place in the world id rather be than here! i know that this is where the Lord wants me and i know its where im needed! 
we got to go to the campinas temple today and that was incredible, i was in the celestial room and i was praying and i just felt like grandma was there, and i know that she is also a missionary! she is doing missionary work on the other side of the veil! it made me so happy and i thought i would share that with you guys. 
i dont have a lot of time today but i just want to tell you guys that i love you and im so grateful for all of you! 
did you guys get my pictures yet?? also i wont be emailing you again until next friday, soo it will be awhile, its just been weird lately because of christmas and new years but next week will be normal and then it will get crazy again because after my friday pday i will be heading out to the field! yay!! 

love you all! remeber to always follow Christs example and to be striclty obedient in all you do!
Eu Amo Voçes 
Sister Hair

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