Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Two Temples

 i feel like i have so much to tell but i cant fit all of it, its crazy my life is incredible and upside down and just crazy but i absolutely love it!! thats super nice that you started a blog! i dont know if you will be able to put anything useful in there cause i feel like everything i write is so scattered and has so many typos, its insane... 

i got to have pday today because its usuallly on friday but christmas is on friday so thats fun! i love the temple it is so incredible i wish i could just spend all day in there! we are super lucky because the ctm is in the middle of two temples so we just get to switch off and go to sao paulo one pday and campinas the next!  oh! tomorrow i get to go proselyting for the first time!! im super excited! its still kind of scary because although i feel like im picking up portuguese fairly quickly i still have a lot to learn. but i am just so excited to go and talk to people!! i want to share this incredible gospel with everyone! 

ok so i have like no time at all especially since this is like a makeshift pday but i love you so much!! 

Sister Hair

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