Friday, December 11, 2015

Extra Time

ok so i have a little more extra time to write and i just wanted to say that i love it here so much! i went to the campinas temple today and it was incredible! we are lucky because we are in the middle of the campinas temple and the sao paulo temple so every week we get to switch off and go to both! its very hot and humid here but i love! also the food is good! (not as good as moms but it is all right haha) 

please tell joe and ashley that i love and miss them soo much they are wonderful kids and have the potential to become anything they want! they will both be powerful missionaries! tell them also that they need to prepare now!! especially Joe! He is soo smart but kind of a lazy bum! Joe you have to work hard and remember to pray and read you scriptures every night! make sure you have a strong relationship with Pai Celestial e Jesus Cristo! if you dont know Christ how will you help others come unto him?? There are people being prepared for you right this second! so that you should be preparing as well! there is a sister and an elder here who are siblings! they came the same day and got called to the same mission how crazy is that?? everytime i see them i miss you soo much Joe! you are special son of God and also a pooface and i love you more than words can describe! remember to be a better you everyday! 

my little ashley! i love you soo much! remember that even though you are years away you also need to prepare because there are also people being prepared for you!! keep doing gymnastics and keep being yourself. i know that one day you will be even better than Gaby Douglas and little girls will look up to you and tell their moms that they want to be just like Ashley Hair! you are a choice daughter of God! dont let anyone tell you different! remember to be a leader!! not a follower!! make good chioces always and listen to mom! you were blessed with the greatest mother in the world! dont take her for granted, appreciate her every day and let her know you love her not only through your words but through your actions as well. you too Joe!! 

ok now i really am out of time but i love you all! remember to always be an example and hold fast to Jesus Christ he is our savior and knows exactly how to help us!

muito amor
Sister Hair

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