Friday, December 18, 2015

Oi!! (to melanie)

im sorry i couldnt email you the first week! i had like no time! haha i still dont... but  EU TE AMO MUITO!!  i miss you guys a lot and im sad i cant be with you guys for christmas but im soo grateful to be here in brasil, it is just amazing!! its hard work but it is the greatest! 
ok i really have to hurry haha but guess what?? there are two elders here from lehi high school! its awesome haha 
i got to go to the sao paulo temple today so that was awesome! it was crazy spiritual and the detail inside the temple is incredible! 
guess what? i have actually lost weight since being here so thats cool! also could you ask mom or jay if they are getting my emails cause i havent even gotten one from them.... haha oh also could you let them know that i wont be able to skype on christmas, the internet here kind of sucks haha so i just get to call! but i will be calling you gusy at 3:00 sao paulo time, so probably in the morning for you guys but could you make sure everyone had their phones on them? i only get until 3:30 so i have to be quick haha 
ok i have to go but i love you so much and hopefully i can write more next week! 

Sister Hair

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