Monday, May 23, 2016

Miracles all Around

Another week full of miracles! this week we found um rapaz named Cesar and he is a missionary for the assembleia but he invited us to come teach him. we were a little worried that he just wanted to bible bash so we told him that we would love to but we also made our purpose very clear and he said that he truly wanted to learn more because he had been taught by the missionaries before and he loved it. The first time we went there he was super excited, we taught him the restoration and he understood but also had many doubts he said that he remebered that lesson from the other missionaries but still didnt understand why there needed to be a restoration so we explained apostasy again and he understood but still had some doubts. we told him that we werent here to convince anyone and that the best way to remove doubts was to pray´and ask Heavenly Father. 
The next time we went there we asked him how his reading went and he told us that he had read the entire Book of Mormon! it was crazy! he said that he started reading at night and he couldnt stop, he didnt sleep all night because he just couldnt stop reading, and he also said he didnt want to because there was a huge feeling of peace he got as he read, he said he had never felt that way before. we were so happy to hear him say that and told him that it was the spirit testifying to him that the book was true. he said that he knew the book was true. it was so amzing but then he talked about how other churches were true as well. so then we taught about authority again and tried to explain it better and he understands but doesnt really accept it. His parents are very firm in their faith and very strict and after talking a while he told us that his worry was to disobey his parents, he is scared that his religion isnt true.  afterwards we just bore our testimony and told him that we dont know of everything but God does, and we told him that he always prepares a way for his childeren. 
His mom really hates us and yelled at us and saidsome bad words because we invited cesar to attend sacrament meeting and he went! He just walked out of his house and started going to church and his mom followed him all the way there and then told us that we were bad people. it was crazy to see Cesar ignore his mother and just walk into church. normally he does exactly everything she tells him ,like our visits were very especific and could only last a certain amount of time and she said he couldnt ever visit our church. 
Cesar liked church very much and thanked us for inviting him and then told us he had to go face his mother ha but we are going to keep teaching him and hopefully his mother will soften her heart. i will update you guys on him next week. 

i also just wanted to bear my testimony to you all that i know without a doubt that this church is true. i love helping people here in Brasil but its incredible because i feel like im the one thats being helped the most. My testimony has grown so much. i know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he restored the church of Christ here on the earth today. i know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. i have no doubt in my mind that it is true and its so amazing becasue through these truths i can feel the love of God for me. I know that i am a daughter of God and that i am so important to him. I have also felt the love he has for all His childeren. its amazing because im begining to see people how i think our Father in Heaven sees them and its just a love so big that you cant even explain. sometimes i just want to run down the street and tell everyone i see about the gospel! sadly i cant run cause i think that would scare people but im so grateful that i get to talk to and teach so many people and tell them about the love God has for them and about how great their potential is.  

eu amo todos vocês! 
Sister Hair

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