Monday, May 9, 2016

One More!

So drum roll.... im staying in Itatiaia!! i honestly thought i was going to get transferred because i was born here and ive been here for 5 months now but the Lord is merciful and i get to stay one more!  im so grateful to have the opportunity to see more miracles here and to be able to keep helping the people of Itatiaia.
skype yesterday was great! i loved talkling to all of you and getting to hear your voices it was just amazing and im greatful for that opportunity.
im sorry i didnt have super cool stories i think i was just too excited that everything i wanted to say to you guys i forgot in the moment haha but i will start thinking of some and i will write you guys more haha
i dont have too much to update on cause i feel like i told you guys everything yesterday... but i love all of you and i will write something cool next week! i hope... kkkk
oh and Pedro is in love with Ash.... ahah it was soo funny though cause afterwards he was like nooo i cant be in love with her cause i have to focus on school and a mission haha he said that after his mission he would talk to her haha what a cute patootie.

i love all of you and thanks for skype 
com tudo o meu amor Sister Hair

this ones for you ash

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