Monday, May 16, 2016

Novas historias só pra vocês

This week was full of excitement and miracles! so a couple weeks ago we ran into Felipe (recent convert) on the street and he was with a friend of his. we asked him if he would like to take the discussions and he said yes and gave us his address, we went there a few times but nobody was ever home. We asked Felipe one day if he could come with us to his friends house and when we all went together we realized we had been going to the wrong house... so that was pretty embarassing haha but the good thing is we figured out where he lived and we were able to teach him and his sister! their names are Luan and Mahara and they are incredible. they were so engaged in the lesson and everytime we go to teach them the spirit is incredibly strong. after the first lesson we did all the compromissos and finally invited them to be baptized the 28th of May. Both of them said that they knew they would recieve an answer from God so they know that they should be baptized. it was just amazing to see their faith and see how they were truly being prepared by the Lord. it was amazing too because when we went to go get them for church at 8:20 they were ready!! (that rarely happens) it was funny because their dad told us that they had been ready since 7:30, a great miracle!
i have more miracles but i will have to save them for next time becasue my time here is up but im doing freat and i love every second of this work and im so greatful to be able to meet and teach the Lords eleitos! 
com amor
Sister Hair 

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