Monday, May 2, 2016

Só Vendo Milagres!

So this week was great. we worked hard and found an eleita! her name is Maria Eduarda, she is just amazing. we taught her the restoration and left her with a passage in the Book of Mormon and when we went back to follow up and teach her again she said that she couldnt put down the BOM. she said that she really identified herself with Joseph Smith, she is 14 and she said she had the same question about which church was the true church. she said that she had been to many but never felt good in any of them and that she was very confused until she attended our church! she said that she was well recieved and that she felt a peace and happiness that she couldnt even explain. she also said that after she prayed about the BOM she felt that it was true and she says that now she knows without a doubt that it is true! 
its so amazing to see how the Lord works in peoples lives. everytime i see someone else gain a testimony of this gospel it strengthens mine even more. 
i also want to challenge all you guys to pray about the BOM and Joseph Smith again. its amazing to be able to recieve a confirmation that these things are true and i know without a doubt that it will strengthen your testimony. 

Com muito amor 
Sister Hair

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